What Is Candida Overgrowth And How To Deal With It

Our body is not as complete and clean as it looks. It has a whole population of bacteria and fungi living on and inside it. Now, you might not know much about them or they may not affect you because they are good bacteria and are present in the right balance. However, if somehow this balance gets disrupted, it can cause major issues for our body.

Candida is a kind of yeast which lives in our intestines and body. It helps us to digest food. But if there is an imbalance in it, it can cause a lot of issues, from depression to going through the intestinal walls causing a ‘leaky gut’. It can happen if we take in too much sugar or drink alcohol or even after a round of antibiotics.

Here are some of the symptoms:

1. Fungal Infections

If your finger and toenails start to grow yellow and get thickened, then it means that you have contracted a fungal infection. You might even develop athlete’s foot. It’s a sign of candida overgrowth.

2. Issues With Digestion

Candida is present in our digestive system, and so, if you are having issues with digestion, which includes, bloating, constipation or diarrhea, then, it could be an imbalance of candida again.

3. Problems on Skin

If you are having some kind of marks on the skin, start to check it properly. If it appears red, as in a rash, it could mean a problem with candida balance. It can cause hives or eczema too.

4. Problems With The Urinary System

One of the problems that occur when candida begins to grow in your system is urinary problems. It can cause urinary tract infection and therefore, result in painful passage of urine. Plus, it might even lead to itching.

5. Itching Ears or Allergies

If your ears and eyes are itching a lot, then it could be due to some allergy which has been caused by candida overgrowth. It can become much more severe too.

6. Depression and Mood swings

When your body is going through an imbalance, it will put a strain on your mental health. You will start to feel irritated and annoyed. Plus, you may grow a bit sluggish too. Maybe your craving for carbs will increase as candida loves sweet.