Flaxseeds – The Best Natural Way to Tighten Your Skin!

Recipe for Anti-Aging Face Mask

Needed Ingredients:

  • Half a cup of Flaxseed
  • A glass of water (200ml.)

Method of Preparation:

The preparation of this face mask is quite simple and not time consuming. Pour the water into a little pan and then put it on heat. Then, include the flaxseed and stir for some time till the water begins to boil. Leave it to boil for a few minutes, and then remove the pan from heat. Cover it with cheesecloth or some other cotton cloth. It needs to stand for about 12 hours. If you want to use it in the morning, prepare it before bedtime and leave it to stay during the night, and if you want to apply it before going to sleep, prepare it in the morning. After the needed time has passed, strain the liquid.