How to Do Your Own DIY Foot Spa

I’m a major proponent of purchased pedicures. I love walking into a salon and having some other person work his or her magic on my little tootsies. All that scrubbing and buffing and painting–and don’t forget the massage finale–puts a lady in a fine mood. Honestly, I have absolutely zero problem spending $25 or $30 on myself (my feet) every once in a while.

With that said, there are a few occasions where an at-home pampering session is just…necessary. Maybe you’re prepping for a hot date and you want to make sure all your piggies are in pristine condition. Maybe you’ve had a really long day and you just need a foot soak to take your mind off the rude lady from the subway or your boss’s seemingly-incessant criticism. Perhaps you just want to primp–a natural-born right bestowed upon all women.

Whatever your reasoning, I’m here to inspire your own DIY foot spa sesh. We’ll start at the very beginning.

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