How to Use Tomato for Skin Whitening – 12 DIY Methods

Instead of consuming delicious tomatoes in your kitchen, mash them and apply it on your face. Am not kidding! This write-up will help you to unleash benefits of tomato for skin whitening.

Extensively used for culinary purposes, these red tomatoes are packed with cosmetic benefits. But very few of them knew about it.

Apart from making you look gorgeous, skin guards your body against various irritants. Skin-related ailments can be reduced and healed using this sour tasting fruit.

What Causes Darkening of Skin on Face?

Melanin is a pigment responsible for your skin color. Excess exposure to sunlight influences the production of melanocytes resulting in dark complexion.

However, complexion turns normal with time.

But, impurities and prolonged exposure to sun rays may leave dark spots at different places.

There are many factors causing dark spots over the skin, which include pollutants, dehydration, low nutritious diet, genetics, hormonal imbalance, heavy use of cosmetics and lifestyle.

Though there is a huge list of cosmetic creams that claim to lighten dark complexion, most of them include chemical ingredients that can trigger an allergic reaction.

Instead, natural remedies on are inexpensive and effective with no or fewer side-effects.