6 Natural Remedies For Treating Ulcers and Acid Reflux

50% of Americans struggle with acid reflux. The most common symptom of acid reflux is heartburn, a burning sensation behind your breastbone. Sometimes this pain can be so severe and people often confuse it with heart attack.

Acid reflux is caused by having too little acids in your stomach. People that often have acid reflux try to ease it with medications, but sometimes drugs can do more harm than good.

The best way to ease acid reflux is to restore your natural gastric balance and function. You need to stop eating processed foods and huge amounts of sugar. You should also reduce caffeine and alcohol intake. Focus more on eating fresh foods, veggies and fruits and unprocessed foods.

If you’re constantly struggling with acid reflux and you’re tired of taking medications, you can try these natural, homemade remedies that can put your heartburn in a control.

Here are the 6 natural remedies that can help you treat ulcers and acid reflux: