How to Deal with Loose Skin After Losing Weight

Many people who lose weight successfully struggle with loose skin once they reach their goal weight.
Indeed, it can be extremely frustrating to be doing everything right, to see the weight melt off, and to still not be happy with the way you look, because of the sagging, loose skin.
What Should You Do To Improve Your Skin Appearance?
There are surgical and non-surgical methods to deal with loose skin, and each has its advantages and limitations.
The first 6 methods below are probably the best ways to tighten your stomach, arms and thighs skin after weight loss or pregnancy naturally without surgery.
#1. Get rid of the stubborn fat
In order to accurately assess how much loose skin you have, you first need to lose most of the fat that you can realistically lose.
Ideally, for women that would get you to around 20% body fat, while for men the percentage is lower, around 10%. Women naturally carry more body fat and dropping under 20% for them is not only unnecessary but also potentially unhealthy.