Black Hairstyles For Medium Hair Length

“Hair is a crown that we never take off” is a statement very well established. It adds a lot of character to our look and also screams our personality to a great extent. Someone with long hair sure loves a touch of girly to them. Someone with a bob cut loves to be on the edgier side, ready to take over the world. It defines your way more than you think it does. While black and white are great, sometimes grey is the best way to go. Similarly, while the riot between opting for short hair and long hair is justifiable, considering its entirely different looks, choosing for medium length hair is also not a bad option. There is a lot that can be done around this length and more than anything else, if short screams quirky and long screams mature, the medium is the perfect balance between both.

A lot of celebrities have been seen rocking this length with a variety of changes in the style and it never failed to impress us. While you might think it is easier for the celebrities to achieve that considering the stylist and hairdressers that run around them, you must know that the kill here is the styling and a basic haircut to make wonders.
Opt from any one of these hairstyles for your medium length and see for yourself how your entire personality changes with it.
Double Buns
Face Type: Ideal for a heart-shaped face.
Everyone like a kick of fun in their look and this hairstyle is the perfect way to achieve it. A medium length hair is a perfect length to make double buns as it is not too short to make a bun nor is it too long making it difficult to manage. This is the ultimate hairdo for a girls night out. You can also add a few hairpins and beads to decorate your bun.
How to achieve this:
For this, all you have to do is part your hair from between and take one section and comb it up. Roll it and make a small bun from it. Use a band and secure it. Do the same on the other side as well. You can use hairpins and u-pins to secure any loose ends.Side Braid
Face Type: Ideal for a Round shaped face.
This is the easiest way of going from messy to princessy. It will make you look dainty and it is the perfect hairdo that goes with a dress or a gown. It looks very classy and using studded pins would enhance the whole hairdo. You can also add volume to your hair by making tight curls. It will pull your hair off from your face and give dimension to your face structure as well. It will also add a dash of charm to your look.
How to achieve this:
Take a comb and do a side parting. Take the side which has less ratio of hair and sections it into multiple parts. Braid each section and secure it with transparent bands. Pull the braids back and using a hairpin secure them all. Pin it exactly behind your ears.