Refreshing DIY Face Mists For All Different Skin Types

Among a wide variety of skin care products, the benefits of facial mist are still obscured. The facial mists come along with a choke of beneficial factors in terms of skin. They help in fighting against dryness, dull complexion and tiredness in your skin. Some people might think not to spend a lot of money on buying such sprays. But, you can also prepare it at your home based upon your skin. Let us see how to prepare facial mist for different types of skin.
Refreshing DIY Face Mists For All Different Skin Types

DIY Face Mists For All Different Skin Types
Things Required

Rose hydrosol
1/2 cup

Essential oil (Any based on your choice)
7 drops

Witch hazel
1 tbsp

Spray bottle

Directions For Preparation

Firstly, place a spray bottle and add about 1 tbsp of witch hazel into it.
Then add 7 drops of any essential oil based on your choice. For choosing the essential oil at first you should know your skin type. Then based upon your skin type, you can choose any of the essential oil that is listed.
Mix both the ingredients until the essential oil gets combined well with the witch hazel.
Then pour the about 1/2 cup of rose hydrosol into the spray bottle.
Now close the spray bottle with its cap. Gently shake the spray bottle well to make the ingredients to get mixed well.