Overnight Hair Growth Mask With Hibiscus

Have you ever thought that a flower can help in supporting your hair growth? Hibiscus flower which is known popularly since our childhood can play a vital role in promoting your hair growth. Rather than having a bright appearance and a pleasant fragrance, it also has various benefits when it comes to hair. This flower is enriched with Vitamin c content in it. The vitamin will help in increasing the collagen production in your scalp. So, all the essential amino acids will provide the required strength to your hair. This will eventually make your hair to grow longer and quicker. In this article, I have explained an overnight hibiscus hair mask that can enhance your hair growth.
Overnight Hair Growth Mask With Hibiscus

Hibiscus And Yogurt Hair Mask
Following are the ingredients that you will be required for preparing this hair mask.

Fresh hibiscus flowers
8 to 10

3 to 4

1 tbsp

Rosemary essential oil
few drops