The Complete List of 50 ALKALINE Foods That Fight Diabetes, Inflammation, Heart Problems and Cancer!

“Avoid GMO. Avoid junk food. Avoid processed foods. Avoid sugar and sugary stuff.” You must hear these a lot, right? Well, ladies and gentlemen, they’re all true. All these foods (sugar, junk food, GMO, processed foods) are bad for you and your health. These foods will destroy your body, make you fat and you’ll feel miserable. But, that’s not all. You should also know that these foods will disrupt the pH balance in your bodies and cause serious health problems (including cancer).

Let’s talk about the pH balance and how this works. Let me say this in the simplest way possible – the human body is “engineered” to be alkaline, which means that if you consume too much sugar, junk food and GMO food, you’ll disrupt the alkaline environment and make your body acidic. That’s really bad for you, because diseases thrive in acidic environment. This process will weaken your immune system and make you vulnerable.