Argan Oil for Natural Skin Care

Argan oil is an effective natural alternative to chemical laden beauty and skin products you may have purchased in the past. It is rich with Omega-6 fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, linoleic acids and other antioxidants.
These combine to dramatically reduce the incidence of acne, as well as the scars from acne and stretch marks, inflammation of the skin and the fine lines which may appear as we age.

The little argan nut is a native to Morocco’s Argan Forest and for generations has provided a precious oil used for healing wounds, skin care and to nourish hair, and as a rich dietary supplement. The argan nut tree is deemed so beneficial that the Argan Forest was named a “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO in 1998.

A visit to the Argan Forest will let you observe goats climbing the trees to reach and dine on the nutritious nuts. Now, argan oil can be found all over the world; used by both men and women, and considered by many to be the ultimate, natural moisturizer for hair and skin.