Removing Skin Tags using Apple Cider Vinegar – Does it Work?

Skin tags refer to a tiny out pouching skin which is connected to underlying skin. They are made of collagen fibers and blood vessels.

They look like a skin that is hanging and they appear mostly at parts where clothes rub against skin or where skin-to-skin friction takes place such as neck, underarms, groins, eyelids, etc. Since skin friction is the chief cause of this problem, therefore, it is commonly found in obese people. 

Skin tags don’t happen at the time of birth but their chances of happening increases as one’s ages move northward. They can be seen in 25% of adults. This problem could be genetically as well. One can inherit it from his or her ancestors.

Skin tags are either brown in light skin colored people or it can be flesh-colored.

They can be wrinkled, smooth and may vary in size. They could be as small as 1mm to as big as the size of a grape. A skin tag could be red or black in color if it is twisted on the blood supply. Moreover, they hurt you or may start bleeding when caught amidst clothes.

They can cause real discomfort to a person. Moreover, it can affect a person’s appearance and one can begin to lose his or her confidence. The one who has them knows how annoying these tags can be while they get rubbed against clothes, jewelry or while shaving.

Though it is not a problem which can have side effects if left untreated but since they affect a person in other ways, therefore, it is better to cure them. One can always seek guidance of a dermatologist, but before one do that it is always advisable to trust home remedies.

Many people have placed reliance on apple cider vinegar to get rid of their skin tags and it has not disappointed them.