How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs In 5 Easy Steps !

If you dread the so-called strawberry legs, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, having smooth legs isn’t an easy task to attain as depicted by our society. Shaving leaves our legs covered with clogged pores, ingrown hairs or razor burn.

I first started shaving my legs when I was in junior high and these dark pores on legs made my freshly shaven legs look bad.
The result? I refuse to wear my favorite dresses or short simply because of these strawberry legs as they made me extremely self-conscious.

That’s the major problem when you shave your legs, you’ll end up with the so-called “Strawberry Legs” that are caused by ingrown hairs or dirt that get trapped in the hair follicles. 

What Are Strawberry Legs

Strawberry legs is a colloquial term that basically describe as darkened pores or small bumps that are being trapped in hair follicles. Like an imprisoned grimes of blackheads or “open comedones” filled with dead skin, bacteria & oil.
Though these black dots are harmless, their appearance can be bothersome, making you feel conscious and  if you have tanned or olive skin, they look more visible.

Causes Of Strawberry Legs

The most common causes of strawberry legs are sweat or sebum build-up clogging the hair follicles. 
Also, not cleaning the razor before and after every use with alcohol. Moreover, one of the causes is taking a hot shower, the steam from hot water can open up your pores. 1.) Enlarged Pores: These open comedones are caused by too much production of oil or sebum that normally clog the pores by trapping the dead skin and bacteria. Once they are exposed to air through the process of shaving, they magically oxidize and appear darker.2.) Folliculitis:Is caused by follicle irritation triggered by shaving and the presence of ingrown hairs. The hair follicles under the skin may have a tough time penetrating back through the skin again after shaving. Hence, creating a blockage that can result in redness, small bumps, irritations as well as dark pores.3.) Keratosis Pilaris: Also known as “chicken skin”, keratosis pilaris is when the skin produces too much keratin and blocks hair follicles, causing bumps on the skin to develop.