Why Being a Compassionate Person Is Good for Your Health

Being compassionate is good for you too

Practicing compassion doesn’t just make you look like a nice guy either; in the Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness, author Dr. Amit Sood says compassion can make you happier, decrease your stress levels and help put your own perceived problems into perspective by shifting your focus to the stresses of another.

“We know from research that the experience of compassion benefits the health and well-being of the person who experiences it as well as the person who receives it,” adds Vacarr.

Before you can put yourself in someone else’s shoes though, it’s important to remember to show yourself some compassion too.

“It starts with yourself by doing the following: practicing self-compassion, relaxing your judgments of yourself and others, healing your own trauma [and] practicing radical self-care,” ordained minister and host of NPR’s All Revved Up! Rev. Irene Monroe tells SheKnows.

Eating something healthy, talking a walk or lying down are all easy ways to make your mind and body feel more at ease if you start to feel overwhelmed.

“Self-care is a concrete action that is focused on well-being inclusive of physical and emotional needs, which include proper diet, exercise and avoidance of behaviors [or] activities that deplete,” says UnKauf.

So if you find yourself stressed by the holidays, remember a little compassion is a great gift for everyone.