Why Being a Compassionate Person Is Good for Your Health

The holiday season can be truly anxiety-inducing. From coordinating travel plans to finding the perfect gifts, there are a number of pressures that can weigh on all of us during this time of year, including dealing with certain friends and family members whose worldview may be (very) different from yours.

But instead of letting your blood boil during heated arguments at the dinner table, one simple and surprising way to ease some of that stress may be to show compassion toward the thoughts and feelings of your more “misguided” family members. And more than that, the holiday season is the perfect time to be kind and helpful to others — especially those who tend to be overlooked by the rest of society.

Showing compassion can still be a pretty abstract concept, though — what does it really mean to be a compassionate person? And how can practicing compassion improve your health? We spoke to some experts to find out.