11 Winter Self-Care Strategies to Get You Through the Colder Months

The cold-weather months can be a complicated time when it comes to your physical and mental health. While some people love the change in seasons coupled with the holidays, the colder months can be challenging for a lot of people. Effective self-care strategies to get you through the colder months can make all the difference in how well you feel as the winter months wear on. Whether you manage seasonal depression, holiday-related stress and anxiety or just get weary of the icy snow and slush, self-care is key to any effective strategyfor making the most of the cold-weather months — which can present you with a unique set of stressors.

“Our bodies respond to cold weather by tensing up,” clinical psychologist Dr. Deborah Offner tells SheKnows. “It’s harder to relax when you are holding your body tightly, bracing against the wind and running from place to place trying to seek shelter. So it’s important to be extra good to yourself and to create more opportunities to relax your body and mind.”

While self-care can seem like a luxury amid the hustle and demands of daily life, a 2006 study in the British Journal of Health Psychology shows it’s actually pretty nonnegotiable when it comes to upping your stress resilience, regulating your moods and taking care of your mental health. So choose a few new self-care strategies to try, get cozy and enjoy the unique beauty that only the winter months can bring. Here are 11 winter self-care strategies to get you through these ever-so-frosty cold-weather months.