The importance of hydration

Have you ever noticed your skin not glowing and you see bags under your eyes? When you look tired and feel sluggish it may be caused from dehydration. Everyone needs energy to work long days, making water the the most important thing to keep you energetic, healthy, supple, and beautiful. Our bodies are 70% water, therefore it’s essential to all our important functional systems. Water aids organs like the liver and kidneys in ridding toxins and flushing infections out of our immune system. Being dehydrated not only makes us feel run down it takes out the suppleness in our skin cells which makes us appear healthy.

Beautiful looking skin, nails, and hair can all be attributed to H20. Dehydration will make wrinkles appear deeper than they really are, cause our nails to break and discolor, and our hair to be dull, dry and brittle. Since water flushes out toxins and impurities, our skin will appear fresh, clear, and moisturized. Water also stimulates growth in our hair (which is 12-15% water) by transporting amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to hair follicles.

Drinking water is also a fantastic tool for losing weight. If you drink a glass of water before and after every meal you will feel fuller, reducing the likelihood of over eating. The best part: it’s zero calories! If you switch soda, coffee, and fruit juices to water your caloric intake will be reduced drastically, making it far easier to lose weight.

To ensure you drink enough water:

1 Carry a bottle of water with you everywhere (preferably nalgene or steel bottles). You never know when you will be stuck somewhere like a grocery store, traffic jam, gym, or the airport. Try getting something cute to drink out of.

2 Make sure to drink a glass when you wake up, before coffee, and before bed.

3 Drink a full glass before meals.

4 Keep a glass of water at your desk to drink from regularly.

5 Add lemon for more excitement.

6 Never enter the gym or workout location without a full bottle (you should have at least one bottle of water for every half hour of exercise).

7 Keep an empty glass/cup next to your water filter. When you pass by, fill it up and chug.

8 Have a cup in your house you can call “my big cup.” Always know where it is and always make sure it’s full.