More about Oriental Foot Massage

Oriental foot massage, otherwise known as reflexology or previously as zone therapy, is an ancient art of healing which works on the principle that the body’s organs, including the brain, are connected by energy channels to trigger points in our feet. Consequently, when our feet are tired, so are our minds and bodies.

Reflexologists believe that if a body part (liver, thyroid, gall bladder, eyes and ears) is not functioning properly, the energy flowing through our channels, or meridians, becomes sluggish, even blocked. This can cause crystals to gather under the skin in specific parts of our feet. Massaging these points breaks down the crystals and restores the flow of body energy.

There are reputedly 7,000 nerve endings in our feet and therapists know which area mirrors which body part. Asians are particularly intuitive when it comes to massaging feet and a treatment of this ilk is offered in most spas, either alone or as part of other massage therapies. It is fabulous for stimulating circulation and restoring physical and mental harmony. It is also an uncannily accurate way of both detecting and healing internal problems.