How to take care of your Feet

Standing on your feet all day in heels is a treacherous task. The pain of high heels not only gives you aching feet but an aching lower back as well. Models know this feeling all too well because the shoes worn in photos or on the runway aren’t always the right size – ouch! Let’s not forget the awful things our feet go through in normal daily lives and exercise routines. Because our feet carry us every day, we should appreciate them and give them extra care.

Foot Care

Taking care of your feet isn’t only relaxing but it can make you more beautiful. Cracked, peeling feet are unattractive to look at and many times can be very painful.

Rough Feet

If your feet are rough and callused, using a pumice stone is a great way to rub off the hard skin. If you have never tried this method before be careful not to take off too much or it could be sore.

Soften Your Feet

At night, take a bath or soak your feet in warm water. Then coat your feet in a heavy foot cream (Vaseline or petroleum jelly works well too). After throw on a pair of heavy socks and hop into bed. When you wake up in the morning your feet will feel soft and moisturized.